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Hidden Desires

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Welcome to Hidden Desieres!
A Comunity For Everything Sam/Ray!


What exactly is Sam/Ray you ask? Well Sam/Ray refers to the characters of Samantha Taggart and Ray Barnett. from the hit prime time television show E.R.

Anything and Everything in relation to these two are welcomed here. Fan fiction, icons, banners, wallpapers, whatever your mind can dream up!

This is an OPEN comunity so anyone with a LJ account can join!


1. No haters. Bashing or attacks of ANY kind on otehr members is strickly forbidden with a no tolerence rule. CONSTRUCTIVE critisisms are welcomed but keep it polite. People come here to share their stuff with other fans, not to be bashed and treated like garbage. Treat people as you yourself would wish to be treated.

2. For large posts of icons or banners or fics, PLEASE put it behind a LJ cut, to keep the comunity looking neat and clean. If you do not know how to do a LJ cut, feel free to ask.

3. PLEASE use a header for all fics submitted! SO we know who's involved, what we are dealing with, etc, so underage people or just people sensitive to certain topics can avoid any fics they may not wish to read. Here is an example header to use:

Content Warning:

4. SPOILERS for anything from thiis current season of E.R MUST Be put behind a cut aswell. There are people in other countries who have yet to view season 12 and wish to be surprised when they finally do get to watch. So anything from a recent episode or anything from this season, please put behind a cut.

5. HAVE FUN!! This is a comunity for fans and fun so kick back and enjoy!



Any problems, questions, concerns or you just wish to contact me, please feel free to drop me a line Or leave a comment on my journal jensucks